Assemblage of anatomy

Der Menschliche Körper wurde dekonstruiert, reduziert und in seine Einzelteile zerlegt. Vergleichbar mit der Tektonik in der Architektur, wird die innere Struktur offengelegt.

Totem der Entfremdung

Wir sehen Knochen, menschliches Gewebe und Gehirnscans.
Röntgenbilder wurden zerschnitten, neu zusammengefügt und mittels der Technik der Cyanotypie auf Stoffbahnen ausbelichtet.

136 EYES

Eine überdimensionale Pinhole Kamera belichtet während der Ausstellungseröffnung eine Wand der Galerie.


Alienation refers to estrangement, turning away. This process can be observed in many aspects of human life. However, nowadays the Marxist definition of alienation is overwhelming pointing out the condition of workers in a capitalist economy that is caused by lack of identification with the products of their labour and by the sense of being controlled or exploited. What our dear…


LIMITS the work with nikita and migui from barcelona was based on the project LIMITS. the purpose of limits is


THE HIROSHIMA WALK   The Hiroshima Walk series of photographs showcases the very basic relationship between a human body and


people and the street is a project, which has been developing throughout the last years. the interdependency between people and their creations in public space is one topic of this research, paralleling the inquiry into the degree of damage some of these creations do to the environment, thereby entering into a strange dichotomy with society.


Performance from and with Magdalena Chowaniec at WUK Vienna.
Shooting at Albern Hafen for catalog and WUK announcement.